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Space Analytics

Space analytics help institutions open the dialogue about achieving the highest use of capital assets. Within our iterative process, you can see, understand and interact with the resources at your institution.
Our analysis helps identify challenges and opportunities, develop strategies, and build consensus and buy-in. Without this analysis, a higher education institution’s use of capital resources is guesswork—and guesswork can be costly. Physical space is a critical resource for mission-driven institutions, yet many lack effective space management systems. Data analysis allows institutions to remove political boundaries and focus on a transparent and accountable method to prioritize space. Space analytics is essential to thoughtful capital improvement programs.
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What is Space Analytics?
Space Analytics is the development of short-term and long-range strategies for the transformation and growth of physical resources by documenting existing conditions and providing real-time data on how institutions utilize and manage space. SAMi, a real-time visualization tool provides data-driven integrated information to fit into campus planning frameworks.

Space Analytics Leaders

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