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Frisco Landing Environmental Design and Wayfinding

University of North Texas, Frisco
A cohesive branded experience defines a new campus’s identity.
UNT Frisco Main Stair Graphics
Frisco, Texas
133,000 GSF

When Ayers Saint Gross was selected by the University of North Texas to plan and design their new Frisco campus, our graphic design team had a unique opportunity to create a cohesive branded experience for the flagship building, Frisco Landing. Additional campus signage and wayfinding, including clear, impactful campus gateways, define the university identity and introduce the campus to the Frisco community.

The graphic design team drew inspiration from the university mission of fostering individuality and inclusion while creating work-ready students. By incorporating the eagle mascot and flight-related themes, the team envisioned a space that would be welcoming to students, while inspiring confidence in their future success.

Upon entrance of the building, students are greeted by a wall of rotating alumni portraits, depicting the numerous possibilities for graduating students. Behind the welcome desk, a large UNT logo is comprised of protruding pins, with each pin representing individuals coming together to make the UNT community.

Green privacy graphics are applied on glass study rooms throughout Frisco Landing, featuring a line work image symbolizing wind and movement. The design of the graphics change from choppy to smooth throughout the building to represent students’ momentum as they work to meet their goals.

Elsewhere in the building, a lenticular display features two different designs which will vary depending on how the piece is approached. From one direction, viewers see an abstract eagle pattern and from the other, an inspirational phrase. A typographic fidget wall offers an interactive moment of play with a grid of letters that rotate 360 degrees and spells the word “Transform”.

The campus features two gateways: a large entrance gateway and a smaller sign located outside the flagship building, Frisco Landing. The entrance gate features a stately combination of stone and steel alongside a contemporary design of an eagle, while the interior gate is sleek and contemporary, composed of two geometric metal sheets. The eagle motif is continued in the campus signage, the design of which is clean and modern, featuring the university’s signature green.

The gateways and interior and exterior signage play a key role in the placemaking of the new campus, cementing it as a permanent part of the UNT system and formalizing what will eventually become a fully developed campus serving more than 20,000 students.

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Frisco Landing

University of North Texas, Frisco
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