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Frisco Landing

University of North Texas, Frisco
A state-of-the-art academic building focused on student success will set the tone for a new UNT campus.
A rendering of UNT Frisco's building one, a four-story academic building
Frisco, Texas
133,000 GSF

Guided by visionary aspirations set forth by the University of North Texas and its diverse partners, the 2019 Campus Master Plan for the new Frisco branch campus creates a physical environment that will support the university’s enterprise. Developed on a 100-acre greenfield site, the plan outlines a visionary, flexible, and substantive plan for the new campus that will guide development of the campus through time.

Upon completion of the campus master plan, Ayers Saint Gross conducted a comprehensive program for the first building on campus, Frisco Landing, and required site support. The process identified, tested, and documented programmatic needs and requirements for the new academic facility, serving as the foundation for the development of the building design.

Frisco Landing is a four-story academic building with a penthouse that houses instructional, collaboration, office, success and support space. The site development consists of new roadways, parking, circulation, infrastructure, gateway and a bell tower, as well as an amphitheater and outdoor classrooms.

TreanorHL, Associate Architect
SWA, Landscape Design
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