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The Pratt Campaign for Central Library Renovations

Enoch Pratt Free Library
A bright, energetic brochure that engages people to learn more about the Central Library renovation.
The Pratt Library Campaign Brochure
Baltimore, MD

Since its founding, the Enoch Pratt Free Library has been an ambassador for knowledge and education for all Marylanders. Today the 1930s-era Central Library needs costly renovations to advance its mission. The graphic theme for The Pratt Campaign for Central Library Renovations originates from the historic ironwork in the building’s iconic entrance. Significant for its street level location, this welcoming architectural gesture was pioneering for its time. It is a distinguishing feature of the library and a metaphor for its culture and spirit.

The brochure features call out sheets for portions of the library including the Teen and Children’s Learning Centers, Central Hall, and Wheeler Auditorium where people could learn more about the details of the proposed renovation.

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