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Skidmore College Campus Master Plan

Skidmore College
This student-centered plan is focused around answering the question “how does this impact and support student learning?”
Skidmore College Campus Master Plan Final
Sarasota Springs, NY
890 acres

The Skidmore College 2022 Campus Master Plan is the culmination of many ideas gathered and amplified through a rigorous and collaborative planning and engagement process. Over a 15-month process, a comprehensive physical analysis of the existing campus and its ability to support the College’s population and strategic mission, combined with input from a diverse range of stakeholders, shaped the Campus Master Plan and its key themes. The Campus Master Plan is a framework for physical planning over the next decade and beyond.

The Campus Master Plan strategically weaves recommendations for diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and sustainability throughout all proposed projects to make a more welcoming, accessible, and sustainable campus to all. The Plan’s six guiding principles—integration, flexibility, belonging, wellness, humility, and stewardship—developed through the conversations with our entire campus, inform each element of the plan. The final Campus Master Plan identifies several long-term opportunities that preserve space and land for future needs on campus. This vision for the future includes strategies to foster creative learning and academic success, enhance the student experience, support a vibrant residential experience, create a better campus landscape, and improve campus edges.

Skidmore College Campus Master Plan Key
Skidmore College Case Center Patio Before Skidmore College Case Center Patio After

Modest changes to Case Center Plaza help extend its use further into the colder seasons and evenings. Adding an outdoor hearth, incorporating flexible seating, and adding string lights have the potential to be implemented in the near-term and provide an immediate positive impact.

Skidmore College Library Ground Level Before Skidmore College Library Ground Level After

The balcony of Scribner Library has the potential to connect to South Park more seamlessly and inclusively. With the addition of a stair and ramping system that connects this green to the library, access will be eased and an additional circulation route will be more intuitive. This proposal has the added benefit of making the green more activated by allowing spill-out space from the library.

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