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Floating Wetland Pop-Up Brochure

National Aquarium
A pop-up brochure brings a floating wetland to life with visual storytelling.
Floating wetlands pop-up brochure for the National Aquarium
Baltimore, MD

Ayers Saint Gross joined the National Aquarium to launch a prototype for a new floating wetland that supports stronger wildlife habitats in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Following the success of the initiative, the team shared this new technology with clients, potential clients, ecologists, and the general public through a pop-up brochure. To bring the floating wetland to life, the graphic design team utilized a custom die cut and a z-fold to transform a standard flat sheet into a desktop-sized wetland for display. Custom illustrations feature the flora and fauna of a thriving ecosystem, “popped” out above the horizon created by the folds. Expanded, the brochure transforms into a poster revealing the complex wetland apparatus design below the water’s surface, distilled for the reader. The end deliverable was wrapped with a belly band serving as both the packaging and the pop-up instructions.

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