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Carrington Hall Renewal

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The renewal project provides a welcoming and energetic space to educate the next generation of Carolina nurses.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Carrington School of Nursing Exterior Renovation
Chapel Hill, NC
119,000 GSF

Named for Elizabeth Scott Carrington, a nurse and philanthropist, Carrington Hall has served as the home for the University of North Carolina’s School of Nursing since 1969. With deferred maintenance issues and the evolution of nursing and allied health pedagogy, UNC engaged Ayers Saint Gross and Little Diversified Consulting to imagine a comprehensive renovation and addition to Carrington Hall.

Located within the prominent health science precinct with the schools of medicine, pharmacy, public health, and dentistry, the renewal of Carrington Hall represents an ideal opportunity to facilitate collaboration and convergence within the health science community on campus. The siting provides ample occasion to host outdoor learning sessions, gatherings, and events. The site seamlessly blends a front yard open space for the School of Nursing and a shared outdoor collaboration area within the health science precinct with a plaza for the new, adjacent Medical Education Building.

The final design reflects the program, provides clarity of circulation, and utilizes its setback to create an iconic entry sequence. Organized around the guiding themes of UNC’s Strategic Plan – Connect, Hub, and Welcome – the building’s program includes EISLE (Education Innovation Simulation Learning Environment), research, classrooms, offices, support spaces, and ample student and common space.

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting - Architect of Record
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