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Campus Landscape, Signage and Wayfinding Implementation

University of Scranton
A campus character is strengthened through landscapes, visual connections, and identity signage.
Aerial view of an improved quad featuring the bluestone pavers at the University of Scranton as...
Scranton, PA
9.75 acres

The University of Scranton’s campus character is improved through the rehabilitation of its core landscapes and strengthened visual connections with its surroundings. The campus core, once interrupted by public roads, is now a pedestrian precinct with accommodation for emergency and service vehicles. Masonry piers clearly mark primary and secondary entrances to campus. A new streetscape along Mulberry Street communicates the university’s commitment to the city and develops a stronger college town retail zone.

These improvements are augmented by a new campus-wide signage system. Signage and wayfinding align the aesthetic experience of the university with its mission and academic quality. The plan provides methodology, hierarchies, and nomenclature to guide the university through planned expansion and includes guidelines for freestanding signs, gateways, and lettering. The design incorporates an “infinity” motif, echoing an historic architectural detail while reinforcing the Jesuit ethos of reflection and lifelong learning.

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