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Campus Master Plan Update

University of North Texas
This plan proposes distinct campus entry points, a well-defined campus perimeter, and a better central pedestrian path that knits the campus together.
University of North Texas Campus Master Plan Rendering of Highland Mall
Denton, TX
800 acres

Ayers Saint Gross completed an update for the University of North Texas Campus Master Plan, which has guided significant development on campus since 2005. The framework of the 2013 Update builds on the 2005 urban design framework, but shifts the emphasis from siting future facilities and creating new campus districts to the overall character, organization and connectivity of the campus open space, as framed and shaped by the architecture of the buildings and underlying street grid. The master plan meets the goals outlined, including: supports UNT strategic initiatives; improves campus identity and sense of place; accommodates enrollment growth; enhances campus circulation and connectivity; and reinforces the campus character. 

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