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Campus Master Plan Update

University of Illinois at Chicago
The master plan drives academic excellence and strengthens relationships to the surrounding community.
Chicago, IL
244 acres

The University of Illinois at Chicago engaged the Ayers Saint Gross and Moody Nolan team to create a vision for the future of the campus, as well as design guidelines to enable the implementation of a robust campus transformation aligned with the university’s strategic goals and priorities. Through an intensive collaborative process, the team created recommendations to enrich the student experience, support scholarship and research, and strengthen community connections through physical development.

The master plan proposes enhanced quality and character of campus edges, streetscapes, and other externally facing frontages to elevate campus identity. Landscape activators and open spaces are strategically woven through the East and West Campus to unify UIC, create a strong sense of place, and develop key portals. An enhanced pedestrian spine entices people to visit, linger, interact, and enjoy the campus throughout the year. Improved greenways create a sense of a vibrant collegiate campus with improved connectivity and increased opportunities for people to engage and interact with the campus and the city.

Moody Nolan - Prime Architect
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