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St. Elizabeths East Identity and Publication

DC Office of Planning
Branding for a historic site honors architectural heritage and the promise of renewal.
Project Identity Mark Encompasses What is and What Could Be
Washington, DC

St. Elizabeths East is a developer-driven project in Southeast Washington that envisions a vibrant, mixed-use development of offices, apartments, retail, and civic amenities on the site of a former mental hospital. The site’s legacy presented a branding challenge — what the property was as a contrast to what it could become. Recognizing the inherent sensitivities of the task, the team worked with the Washington, D.C. Deputy Mayor’s Office of Economic Development to brand the redevelopment initiative. The identity mark is central to the effort and invokes the beauty of the architectural heritage and the promise of renewal. A branded viewbook describes the development opportunity and solicits potential development partners.

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St. Elizabeths East Campus Master Plan

DC Office of Planning
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