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Oxford Road Building

Emory University
Emory’s Oxford Road serves as a front door to the university.
Street-facing façade of the Oxford Road Building at Emory University
Atlanta, GA
57,700 GSF
Parking: 90,700 GSF

The Oxford Road building integrates a series of public programs including a welcome desk, parlor, living room, presentation room for first-time visitors, admissions offices, the University bookstore, a café, and 227 spaces of visitor parking. Set into the side of a hill, the building disguises the parking garage with the vibrant retail program on the street side, while the public spaces for visitors open onto a gracious green roof over the garage that connects to grade on the campus side. Defined by its welcoming functions, integrated interior and exterior architecture, views and sustainability initiatives, the building is an active presence in student life on campus.

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Emory University
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