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Landscape Redevelopment

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
A functional landscape provides a versatile and attractive environment for leisure and collaboration.
A bird’s eye view of the new dining terrace with tables, chairs, umbrellas, trees, and plantings
Laurel, MD
8.1 acres

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory underwent an initiative to redevelop its central open space and associated dining terrace. A unified master plan links a large green open space with the more intimate human scale spaces. Stormwater management control incorporates an attractive amenity with a functional purpose. A dining terrace expansion allows for shaded seating and provides a larger space for events. The adjacent Central Green area has a loop path for exercise, plantings for shade, and a series of small innovation spaces for impromptu meetings.

Next Project

University Dining Center Signage and Environmental Graphic Design

Minnesota State University-Mankato
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