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Headquarters Interiors

Brown Advisory
A state-of-the-art corporate headquarters is designed to foster collaboration.
Lobby feature wall with wood detailing. Corporate logo and slogan read “Brown Advisory: Thoughtful...
Baltimore, MD
80,000 GSF

The four-story Baltimore office of Brown Advisory serves as the main office and headquarters for the company’s international business and houses its rapidly expanding staff. The entrance and public meeting space provides improved lobby, conference, and meeting areas. It includes a state-of-the-art conference area for Brown’s 250-person morning meeting that provides real time interaction for the company’s seven other locations. A new monumental stair takes visitors and employees to the renovated second floor office suite and allows for a convenience stair linking all four floors. The design improves daylighting, density, and common areas for employees. Through an extensive study, Ayers Saint Gross met aggressive growth projections while providing additional break out and lounge space. The space focuses on sustainable material and features to reinforce Brown’s commitment to the environment and to the Baltimore Harbor.

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