Research plays an important role in our planning for college and university campuses.

About Comparing Campuses

Anyone who has visited any of the great college and university campuses has a visceral understanding of the scale and proportion that makes open space memorable. While we are able to recall individual elements of a campus, it is difficult to mentally compare the proportions or scale of an entire campus without graphic tools. Use the module below to compare more than 200 universities and 11 academic medical centers side-by-side.

Compare Campuses Module

Select a campus type below to visually compare campuses from a list of institutions we have documented.

Comparing Campuses Posters

Since 1998, Ayers Saint Gross has annually published a Comparing Campuses poster that features campus plans from leading institutions around the world. We assemble this collection as a tool for institutional planners in the belief that understanding campus organization and data will lead to the creation of even better spaces in which to live, learn, and teach. We understand the importance of research, and believe that sharing our research contributes to creating better campuses. For more information or to inquire about receiving a printed poster, email Dori Landry.

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