We promote diversity and the continual development of each individual, the firm, and our communities.

At Ayers Saint Gross, we support the professional growth of our employees by cultivating an environment of exploration, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and continual learning. Career coaching, succession planning, and our leadership development program provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling career and long-term success.

We believe in an equitable community and are actively engaged in evolving the composition of the architecture and planning professions to better reflect the diversity and complexity of the institutions and communities we serve. We celebrate what makes our firm’s employee-owners unique and endeavor to make a lasting difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors through our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives.

Ayers Saint Gross supports workplace wellbeing through six interconnected initiatives: Mind and Body; Professional Development; Ownership and Finance; Celebrations and Connections; Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and Community Engagement. We lean on this framework to support our physical and mental health, our connections to others when we are physically apart, our overall understanding of the firm, and our ability to support those in need.

Our annual Chili Cook-offs are held in each office
during the fall to benefit United Way.


Basic Batch

Moussaka Chili

Bring your dog to work on Fridays
in the Baltimore Office.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with lots of
snacks in each of our three offices.

Celebrate your birthday in our DC office with a whole cake of your very own!

Fat Tuesday happens every Tuesday in our Baltimore office where the group gathers at 3pm to enjoy homemade treats!

Visit our Arizona office and a giant bowl of M&M’s will greet you at the front desk… Not to mention the secret candy cupboard stocked in the kitchen.


Years of service and engagement with Beechfield Elementary, a Baltimore inner-city school.


The amount of money we raised for United Way in 2020!


Hours of time dedicated to local philanthropic activities in and around our three cities.