Ayers Saint Gross had a fantastic year in terms of winning awards and receiving high rankings on prestigious lists.

Ayers Saint Gross is ranked a very impressive #29 of the Top 50 Architecture Firms in the country by ARCHITECT Magazine. This extremely competitive list is based on sustainability (where we ranked #19!); good business practices including benefits, turnover rates, diversity, pro-bono work, and revenue (we ranked #17!); and design. We have made the Top 50 list before, but we have never ranked this high. The fact that business practices, rather than just purely revenue, weighed heavily in this year’s ranking contributed to our rise in the ranks. Since management has worked really hard to become a great place to work, we are especially pleased to be recognized in such a meaningful way. Our sustainability ranking is indicative of our fantastic sustainability team, who are working to meet or exceed the goals set in the AIA 2030 Commitment.

According to Engineering News-Record, Ayers Saint Gross is ranked #34 overall in Top 100 Green Buildings Design Firms. Ranked #50 last year, this ranking is based on the number of our projects that are actively pursuing certification via a third party system – for Ayers Saint Gross that translates into projects that fit into the LEED, BCGBS (Baltimore City’s rating system), and Green Garages programs. These rating systems are mainly about revenue, so the large A/E firms tend to get the highest marks. But because 68% of our work is using third party rating systems, we ranked very high for a firm of our size. Comparatively, based solely on revenue alone, Ayers Saint Gross is ranked #279 in Engineering News Record. This high sustainability ranking continues to raise our profile, but more importantly, it results in better, higher performing buildings.

Ayers Saint Gross is #1 of the Largest Baltimore Architecture firms, based on local billings in 2014. Ayers Saint Gross was ranked #2 in 2013.

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