BIM models serve as the primary tool for multi-disciplinary teams during the design and construction of a project. In order for teams to efficiently collaborate, a BIM Kick-Off Meeting can alleviate any of the project management issues that may arise with BIM coordination throughout the life of a project.

What do you need to discuss at a BIM Kick-Off?

  • Team Members: Identify BIM managers/leaders from each discipline who will be responsible for model creation and maintenance. Typical model upkeep includes daily monitoring of file size, family creation, resolution of warnings, and ensuring compliance with office BIM standards. For continuous model support and collaboration, a BIM Manager contact list should be distributed to the project team.
  • Expectations: Set the expectations and goals for the project. Discuss the level of experience each discipline has in BIM and determine at which point in the design process each discipline will implement Revit. Discuss additional software that will be used in addition to Revit and how these programs will work together.
  • Workflow: Review how each discipline develops their models through the project timeline. Establish modeling requirements and ownership (who is responsible for the floor slabs?) and identify what level of BIM modeling will be done by each consultant during the various project phases. Review how each model will be linked and how changes will be tracked (copy monitoring?) How will the model be shared between consultant disciplines? FTP, Model Server or via Email. Determine when and how often the model will be updated and shared.
  • Communication: Decide on the communication tools to be used to relay project information to the BIM project team. Discuss how the team will address and resolve issues throughout the design process already established under team members.
  • Deliverables: Identify the deliverable documents expected at each phase of the project including BIM Model, 2D documentation and CAD drawings. Discuss and make clear what the BIM model deliverable expectations are for the client, including possible facilities requirements, and how the model is intended to be used by the contractor. If a BIM model is required by the owner, confirm modeling standards and level of development are understood and contractual obligations are being met.

The BIM Kick-Off meeting allows for open the lines of communication with the project team members and ultimately helps maximize productivity during the project process. An organized and well- managed model can streamline coordination, reduce conflicts in design, and help ensure project success during construction.

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